The Top 10 Parkour Moves Every Beginner Should Master.

Dec 27, 2023

Parkour is an exhilarating sport that involves moving rapidly through an environment by running, jumping, and climbing. If you're just getting started with Parkour, mastering the basic moves is essential. Here are the top 10 parkour moves every beginner should focus on:

1. Precision Jump

The precision jump is a fundamental parkour move that involves jumping from one point to another with accuracy and control. It's crucial for building confidence and improving your overall technique.

2. Safety Roll

The safety roll is a key skill for minimizing impact and preventing injury when landing from heights. Mastering this move is essential for any parkour practitioner.

parkour safety roll

3. Wall Run

Wall runs involve using the vertical surface of a wall to gain height or distance. Learning to perform a wall run effectively can open up new possibilities for your parkour practice.

4. Arm Jump

An Arm Jump is a dynamic move that involves jumping from one object to another and landing in a controlled manner. It's a foundational skill for navigating obstacles with agility and precision.

5. Cat Pass

The Cat Pass is a popular Parkour move that involves propelling yourself over an obstacle using your hands to clear the height. It's a challenging but rewarding skill to master.

kong vault

6. Tic Tac

A tic tac is a move that allows you to redirect your momentum by using one foot to push off a wall or other surface. It's a versatile move that can help you navigate complex environments with ease.

7. Precision Landing

Precision landing involves landing on a specific target with accuracy and control. It's an essential skill for mastering various parkour movements and transitioning between obstacles.

8. Underbar

An underbar involves passing under a horizontal obstacle with fluidity and speed. It's a dynamic move that requires coordination and upper body strength.

parkour underbar

9. Lache

A lache is a swinging movement that involves letting go of one bar or object and grabbing another in mid-air. It's a challenging but exciting skill that adds a dynamic element to your parkour repertoire.

10. Wall Climb

Wall climbing is the ability to scale vertical surfaces using a combination of upper body strength and technique. Mastering this move opens up new opportunities for navigating urban environments.